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This website has been built because I love climbing mountains and when I'm not climbing I tend to watch too much TV. Instead of watching re-runs of Seinfeld, I figured I'd build a website.

I'll try to maintain and update the site as often as possible. However, your input will ensure the site constantly grows with new content and mountains to climb.

Therefore, if you have any suggestions, mountain climbs or articles you want researched, please shoot me a message via the contact page. I'll do my darndest to get back to you and/or use you content here.

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How are mountains ranked?

There are actually more mountains listed here than there are countries. When looking at the rankings, I have included all sovereign nations, countries with disputed sovereignty and dependent countries and overseas territories.

Are mountains other than the highest country mountain listed?

Yes. I wish I had the time and money to climb every mountain in every country in the world. However, until I win the lottery or someone pays for my expenses, the mountains listed will be whatever mountains are people have climbed. However, there will need to be some significance in the mountain climbed. You can't just wander up any old mountain and have it listed (although you've got a pretty good chance :) )

Will you climb a mountain with me or lead a climb?

Oh yeah baby. Bring it on. If you have a climb you want to do and I can manage to sort myself out, I'm happy to lead and/or tag along any climbs you may have in mind.


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