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Country   Luxembourg
Height   558 metres (1830 feet)
Vertical Elevation   <5 metres (carpark)
Rank   193/243
Location   North
Nearest town   Troisvierges
Start/Finish   Carpark
Climbing time   <5 minutes
Distance   <5 metres
Grade   1/5 Drive
Other peaks   None

Climbing Buurgplaatz

| The Mountain |

Who would have thought that the tiny Kingdom of Luxembourg and the even smaller blip on the landscape of Buurgplatz could create such controversy? Ok, so perhaps I create the controversy myself, however when I decided to climb the highest mountain in Luxembourg, I found two possible summits.

Buurgplaatz is the official highpoint, at 558.35metres. A plaque at the summit celebrates this, as do many online websites (CIA factbook and others). However, Google (the indisputable resource that it is) lists a nearby peak Kneiff as the highest point, at 560 metres. This highpoint is referenced from a 2003 topographic map of the area. I haven't seen the map, nor have I contacted the Luxembourg government for their response (I suspect they have other more pressing issues to attend with). Therefore, until proven otherwise, Buurgplaatz remains as my official highpoint and the peak which I climbed.

| When to go |

You can visit Buurgplaatz all year round.

Climbed: September 2009

| Access |

Buurgplaatz is about 7.8km or 9 minutes drive north of the town of Troisvierges. Head northeast on Rue de Wilwerdange (N12) toward Wemperhardt. Turn left onto Op der Haart (N7). 1.8km down the road, turn left onto Op d'Burrigplatz toward Huldanger. 400 metres on the right is Buurgplaatz. There is a big stone viewing tower and a few car spaces here.

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| The Climb |

By the time we reached Buurgplaatz, we had already climbed Vaalserberg (highest mountain in Netherlands) and Signal de Botrange (highest mountain in Belgium). It was a sunny afternoon and we were about ready for lunch. While Buurgplaatz sits by the side of the road, surrounded by fields, we had the peak for ourselves. A few picnic tables, a grassy knoll and a warm sunny afternoon was a perfect conclusion to our day. A couple of donkeys in the field next to us, provided our only company.

Kneiff is only a few kilometres away, so be sure you can climb/visit both points just to be sure.

You can drive your car right to base of the tower and then climb the few metres onto the grassy knoll.


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