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I'll keep this short and sweet. I hate SPAM. Let me say that once more for good measure.

I hate SPAM!

I would spend a good portion of every morning going through the countless rubbish emails I have received during the night. No matter how many spam filters we have installed, it always gets through.

Therefore, I will never sell, onsell or provide any identifying information to any third party unless required to do so by law. Any information you do provide is simply to improve this site.

Site Content & Article Submission

This site contains content provided by third parties. I am unable to verify the content provided.

If you feel any of the content provided breaches any copyright or any other laws, please let me know.

If you provide any content (images, text etc) you must ensure you have the authority and permission to do so.

If you provide any information to be published on this site, you release the site owners from any obligations, commerical or otherwise associated with this information. Information provided may be used for activities associated with this site.

Information may be edited by the owners of this site.

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