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What does one do when some of the mightiest mountains have been ticked off the climbing list? Australia, England, Morocco, Malaysia and Vanuatu.
Yep I've bagged them all.

I guess climbing higher, bigger and more would be the most obvious answer. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how likely this dream is likely to eventuate. The excuses are boundless. My crampons are too blunt, my thermals have holes in them. And the best of all, my wallet is not quite fat enough (this is probably the only one which is true).

Anyways, when I do manage to drag myself away from the joys of selling software, I do my darndest to climb the highest mountain around.

This website is therefore dedicated to the pursuit of climbing mountains. You can buy a zillion books on climbing Everest, but how many books are there about Tabwemasana. Where is Tabwemasana? How do you get there? What's involved? Is Tabwemasana even a mountain or is someone making this up?

As you and I climb mountains, this website will provide the where, what and how to climb each peak around the world. It's then up to you to get out there and climb the damn thing.

See you atop a mountain one day!!!


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