Welcome to vertexed.com, my personal blog of climbing the highest peak in every country of the world.

Yep, you heard me. Every country in the world....well that's the plan anyway.

Given lack of time, funding, and an unfortunate fear of heights, the development of this blog could occur very slowly.

In any event, I've tried to provide as much information about each climb as I can, so as to make it easier for those who come after me, to also be able to climb mountains all over the planet.

Feature Article

| Buying a Down Sleeping Bag |

When I bought my first down sleeping bag, I really didn't know what I was looking for. I simply picked what looked the warmest, felt the softest and...cost the most. Sure, the guy selling me bag answered some of my questions, but how much did he really know?

What does Down mean and what should you consider when purchasing a down sleeping bag?

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Featured Peak

Mount Tabwemasana
1877 metres (6158 feet)
Tabwemasana may only be 1877 metres high, however just getting to the mountain is an adventure itself. A 3 hour 4WD trip followed by 4 hours on a speedboat racing up the isolated west coast of Santo before reaching the isolated village of Kerepua. From here the walking begins. Twelve hours of hard walking will take you from sea level to the knife edge ridge leading to the final summit.
A worthwhile climb, however by no means a stroll in the park.
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